This fantastic country defined itself as the heart of the South. A land where the path of the different ancestral roads meet all together and where the first civilizations of America were enriched and gave way to the current pluricultural Bolivia.  The capital city, La Paz, located in the puna at 3600 meter high, is the main door to get the first contact with the Bolivian culture.

Large wild areas show the diversity of Bolivia like the majesty of the Cordillera Real with its peaks over 5000 meters high (16000 ft) or the dense forests in the yungas beside the amazonas. Great regions with unique places on the planet such as the Uyuni salt flats or sites in where millenary cultures form part of the present of Bolivia, such as Tiwanaku and Isla del Sol on the Titicaca lake. Traveling through this country you will find a path to connect with Pacha Mama (the Mother Nature) as Bolivians have been doing for so long.